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Bullet, Blast & Attack Resistant Glass


In high threat level areas, a higher level of resistance is often needed. In these situations, BSA Bullet, Blast & Attack Resistant Glass is necessary and provides the protection for all three areas. Designed and manufactured to the highest quality, our glass is tested to the most extreme levels to ensure true resistance against bullet, blast and attack threats.



BSA Bullet, Blast & Attack Resistant Glass can be used for government and military buildings, blast rated structures and company buildings operating in high threat level areas.


Standard Products

All standard products are available in performance enhancing glass / products, such as Solar, Low Iron, Toned and Patterned, and are available with a “Spall or Sacrificial” film, for additional protection.

BSA Blast resistant glass has been live tested to 5000kgs TNT at Woomera testing range. Pressures were recorded and are available upon request.

AS/NZS 2343’ 97

National Institute of Justice (NIJ) 018.01

AS3555 – 2003 Forcible Attack Certification Level 2

5000kg TNT – 40 metre stand off –  live tested and certified

SCEC Endorsed*

*The Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC) is responsible for evaluation and endorsement of security equipment for use by Australian Commonwealth Departments and Agencies. The Security Equipment Catalogue (SEC) lists products which meet strict testing requirements and relevant SCEC standards.

BSA 18
Glass Thickness: 18 mm
Weight: / m2
Certification: HP White HPW-TP-0500.03 Level: 2 Glass, 5000kg TNT – 40 metre stand off – live tested and certified.

BSA G1s (SCEC Endorsed)
Attack Glass – (9mm hand gun, 357 magnum), while still maintaining its attack capabilities.
Weight: 45.3kg /m2

Glass Thickness: 30 mm 
57.7kg /m2
38 Special, 9mm, 357 magnum, .44 magnum hand guns and 12 gauge (full choke) 32g SG shot.

BSA G2 LW (lightweight) (SCEC Endorsed)
Glass Thickness: 33mm
Weight: 40.5kg /m2
38 Special, 9mm, 357 magnum and 44 magnum hand guns.

BSA R2 / S1 / NIJ LEVEL III (SCEC Endorsed)
Glass Thickness: 50mm
Weight: 96.7kg /m2 – all above and 7.62 x 51 – .303, AK 47, etc

Glass Thickness: 82mm
Threat Level 3
7.62 x 54R B32 API (Russian Sniper – Armour Piercing Incendiary)

BSA Ballistic API S3b STANAG 4569 KE 
Thickness: 86mm
Threat Level 3
7.62 x 54R B32 API (Russian Sniper – Armour Piercing Incendiary)

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BSA has a continuous program of product development. Sizes and configurations may change. For up to the minute specifications, please contact us.
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Bullet, Blast & Attack Resistant Glass
BSA Bullet, Blast & Attack Resistant Glass provides the protection for all three areas in high threat level situations.